Poll: Brazilian coup leader trails former president

Brazil’s interim president and leader of the legislative coup that suspended elected Brazilian President President Dilma Rousseff would lose an electoral contest if he ran for the office, trailing Rousseff’s predecessor and partisan ally.

The public opinion poll results make it clear that the Brazilian public is fed up with the interim government and its austerity polices and sell-offs of public assets.

From teleSUR English:

Suspended President Dilma Rousseff´s predecessor, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva – popularly known as Lula – is the favored candidate for the 2018 presidential election, while “interim” President Michel Temer trails far behind with just 5 percent, according to a new Datafolha poll commissioned by the Globo newspaper.

The poll, of 2,792 respondents conducted between July 14 and 15, found that the former labor leader and Workers’ Party founder Lula leads voter preferences with 22 percent, followed by the Green Party’s Marina Silva at 17 percent. Silva finished third in the 2010 presidential election.

Lula has expressed interest in running in the 2018 election, saying that the more he and his ally Rousseff are attacked, the more likely he is to run.

Behind the two projected frontrunners, Temer ally and Senator Aecio Neves of the right-wing PSDB party polled in third with 14 percent. Neves lost the 2014 presidential runoff to Rousseff and was a leading advocate of the ill-footed impeachment campaign against her, widely condemned as a coup.

Neves has also been named in a high-profile scandal known as Operation Car Wash, involving the state oll company, Petrobras. Temer and a number of his top allies are also implicated in the corruption scandal.

The Datafolha poll found incendiary right-wing lawmaker Jair Bolsonaro — who dedicated his pro-impeachment vote in Congress to Rousseff’s dictatorship era torturer — trailed far behind Lula, polling at 7 percent, followed by former Lula Minister Ciro Gomes at 5 percent.


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