Rousseff’s allies seek dismissal of impeachment

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was ousted in a legislative coup by ultra-conservative national legislators who imposed a regime which is busily selling off national assets and privatizing the landscape.

But the charges they lodged against Rousseff are falling apartment, and without an impeachment based on criminal charges, the whole coup is in danger of falling apart in Rousseff’s allies win a dismissal.

The latest development from teleSUR English:

Leftist senators from Dilma Rousseff’s Workers’ Party are pushing to discontinue the impeachment process against the president after the Office of the Public Prosecutor found that she did not break the law in her handling of the public budget.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor said Thursday that Rousseff had not committed a crime by manipulating the government’s budget accounts and called for the criminal investigation to be shelved.

The report by Ivan Claudio Marx, who serves as prosecutor of the republic, said that the maneuvers practiced by Rousseff, wherein the presidency delayed payments to state banks, were a violation of the contract between the government and the banks but not a crime.

These maneuvers were widely employed by previous presidents, none of whom were subject to an impeachment process as a result.

The Brazilian Constitution states that the president may only be impeached if they have committed a “crime de responsabilidade” or a serious crime. Marx specified that the maneuvers practiced by Rousseff did not constitute a serious crime.

Although the report is not legally binding on the impeachment process, Rousseff’s budget maneuvers were widely cited as the reason why the president was being impeached by her political nemeses.


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