San Francisco Bay Area cop sex scandal widens

Any reporter who has covered thepolice beat for any time is aware of police groupies, women who crave sex with cops the same way other women crave sex with rock stars and other celebtrities.

But the cop groupie at the heart of a growing scandal rocking police departments in a growing number of cities on San Francisco Bay is also a woman whose actions police are charged with preventing.

She is a prostitute.

The woman, who began having sex with men with badges when she was 17, has told of having sex with both street officers and administrators, and one veteran officer committed suicide after she began talking to journalists.

She has also provided text messages revealing that an officer she slept with warned her of street prostitution enforcement sweeps she should avoid.

The Oakland Police Department has been the agency hardest hit, running through three police chiefs in nine days last month as revelations broadened.

The latest turn from the East Bay Times:

The federal monitor who oversees the Oakland Police Department issued a report Thursday evening calling the past few months “perhaps the most trying time in OPD’s history.”

“For over two months now, the local, national and international media have been full of reports of the sometimes salacious and often shocking details of this ever-burgeoning matter,” Robert Warshaw wrote.

While not mentioning the details of the investigation, Warshaw’s comments refer to claims made by a teenage sex worker, who said she had sex with about 30 police officers, including several Oakland officers. The 18-year-old woman, who goes by the name Celeste Guap, said four of the officers — three from OPD — had sex with her when she was underage. Guap is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher.

Multiple investigations are continuing as the case has grown to include officers in Richmond and Livermore, a guard for the Defense Logistics Agency, deputies from the Contra Costa and Alameda sheriff’s offices and an Alameda County District Attorney’s Office inspector.

San Francisco cops also implication

Guap was a busy young woman, and she didn’t restrict herself to the astern side of San Francisco Bay.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The San Francisco Police Department has minimized the extent to which a sexual exploitation crisis rocking several East Bay law enforcement agencies has touched its side of the Bay Bridge, but a KQED analysis of current and former SFPD officers’ Facebook accounts shows the 18-year-old woman at the center of the sex abuse scandal was connected to dozens of people affiliated with the department.

A week after former Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent suddenly resignedamid revelations that several OPD officers may have sexually exploited and trafficked a young woman — and allegations that he may have mishandled an internal investigation — headlines blared that SFPD officers may also have been involved. The woman, who calls herself Celeste Guap, claimed to have had sex with San Francisco officers who knew she worked in the sex trade.

Attempts to reach Guap, who now lives in Richmond and is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, were unsuccessful.

The San Francisco Police Department cited an”open investigation to determine if any members have had any inappropriate contact with the victim,” while anonymous SFPD sources allegedly said that the investigation focused on officers who had recently transferred across the bay from Oakland.


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