The future Adolf Hitler Home for Refugees?

Adolf Hitler made a political career out of whipping up violence against non-Christian folks whose religion hailed from the Middle East.

Though known as a German dictator, the future Fuhrer was born in an Austrian town, and now the Austrian government is looking at the notion of ceasing his birthplace and turning it into a haven for other non-Christian folks whose religion hails from the Middle East.

The Nazi killer must be spinning on his barbecue spit in Hades.

From United Press International:

Austria’s cabinet approved plans to expropriate the Braunau am Inn, Austria, house in which Adolf Hitler was born.

The house, near the German border, was leased by the government from a private owner until 2011, when the owner refused permission for renovations. It had been used as a center for people with disabilities, but now stands empty. Talks between the owner and the government, over new uses for the rented property, stalled and the owner has refused to sell the building.

Hitler was born in the house in 1889.

Seizing the house is “the worst and the last choice, but there are circumstances in which it becomes necessary,’ said Harry Buchmayr, the area’s representative in parliament. It also comes with the reminder that Austria has an obligation, declared in its constitution, to prevent any re-occurrence of Nazism, and confiscating the house means the Austrian government, fearing it could become a magnet for neo-Nazi groups, must decide what to do with the property.


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