Map of the day: The hottest June on record


From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s

According to NOAA’s latest monthly climate report, June 2016 was the warmest June on record for the contiguous United States dating back to 1895. The June temperature for the contiguous United States. was 71.8°F, or 3.3°F above the twentieth-century average, surpassing the previous record of 71.6°F set in 1933. The year-to-date (January-June) temperature was 50.8°F, 3.2°F above the twentieth-century average, making it the third warmest on record.

This map shows June temperatures for all climate divisions in the Lower 48 states. Places where average temperatures were above 50°F are shown in shades of orange and red. In May, high-elevation climate divisions in the Northern Rockies were colored in shades of blue, indicating average temperatures below 50°, but by June, no hint of those cooler colors remained.

Additional highlights from the June 2016 monthly report include:

  • During June there were 5,768 record warm daily high (2,383) and low (3,385) temperature records, which is more than seven times the 819 record cold daily high (408) and low (411) temperature records.
  • Based on NOAA’s Residential Energy Demand Temperature Index (REDTI), the contiguous U.S. temperature-related energy demand during June was 79 percent above average and the ninth highest value on record.

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