More strikes in Mexico, this time on the border

While the Mexican government battles striking teachers, sometimes violently, other Mexican workers are engaged in job actions on the border.

Their targets are multinationals, including some who moved operations from the U.S. to Mexico in the wake of NAFTA.

From Frontera NorteSur:

After a hiatus of several months, public protests by border factory (maquiladora) workers in Ciudad Juarez are back. On Saturday morning, July 9, as many as 1,000 workers from Johnson Controls, Eagle Ottawa, Lear, Foxconn and other companies  staged a spirited march through the city’s downtown, culminating in an hour-long blockade of the Santa Fe Bridge connecting to neighboring El Paso, Texas.

One placard carried by a protester simply read “Justice for the Working Class.” Banners proclaiming the new labor advocacy organization Obrer@s Maquiler@s de Ciudad Juarez, or Ciudad Juarez Maquiladora Workers, were unfurled at the bridge’s entrance.

The protest occurred during a peak crossing time when vehicular traffic from Juarez to El Paso frequently backs up, even under normal circumstances. Tempers flared when a man in a car with New Mexico license plates attempted to drive through the protesting crowd, but no injuries ensued.

“This is a struggle for a salary increase, to improve the wages in the maquiladoras,” labor attorney Susana Prieto was quoted in the Juarez daily Norte. “There are now employees of different companies in the movement and what is intended is for more and more workers to join with this struggle.”


One response to “More strikes in Mexico, this time on the border

  1. looks NAFTA, Clinty’s handiwork is not working. At least the Mexicans have more fight in them than does the Americans who have lost millions of jobs since NAFTA and subsequent trade deals. Now when will those after the TPP start doing the same. How many years will that take? Some people are tired of being treated like chess pieces across the corporate global board of greed. Hope this takes off worldwide and then where will the global corporations go to make more greed/profit?
    Definitely a time for change for the people and not corporations where they would like if all of us to just make 2.00 dollars day per America’s trade deals.

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