Cops take to social media posts to air their racism

The McClatchy Washington Bureau has collected a represented sample of some of the more flagrant examples, though in many cases local law enforcement agencies are refusing to reveal the names of the angry officers.

Four examples from the story:

  • A Haywood, North Carolina deputy replied to a woman on a Facebook post Thursday morning about the Black Lives Matter movement, “Once again if you know so much about what we do then show us how it’s done. I usually shoot people on Facebook too.” He also said, “Next time you see the police take cover we shoot for anything.” He was suspended. He was identified as Deputy Andrew Sutton.
  • A Nashville police officer commented in a Facebook thread about Philando Castile that he would’ve shot the black man who was killed by a police officer five times instead of four. He was suspended with further action pending an internal investigation. He was identified as Anthony Venable.
  • Another Nashville officer changed his Facebook profile picture to the iconic photo of Black Panther National Chairman Bobby Seale and Huey Newton holding a Colt .45 and a shotgun in Oakland, California. He claimed he posted the photo out of “strong historical interests.” He was relieved of duty pending an internal investigation. He was identified as Christopher Taylor.
  • A Memphis police officer posted a picture on Snapchat that showed a white hand pointing a gun down a hallway with the emoji of a black man running at the end. Another officer posted the picture to Twitter as an alleged “act of disgust.” Both were suspended. The police department refused to give the names of the officers.

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