Chart of the day II: Warning signs for Hillary

First, a Washington Post poll finding that should cause shivers to run up Democratic Party Spines:

BLOG Hillary
And then there’s this headline from the London Daily Mail:

Judge tells Hillary Clinton she has until TUESDAY to explain why she shouldn’t have to testify in federal case about Huma Abedin’s double-dipping job arrangement

  • Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has submitted a request for permission to depose former secretary of state Hillary Clinton 
  • Judicial Watch argues that Clinton is an ‘indispensable witness’ in its ongoing Freedom of Information Act case 
  • The crux of the case is top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s special employment arrangement at the State Department 
  • Abedin was allowed to work at State and for an outside consulting firm with Clinton ties 
  • The lawsuit had been closed, but then was reopened upon the discovery of Clinton’s private email system  
  • In February a judge gave Judicial Watch the green light to interrogate Clinton’s aides, but special permission is necessary for Clinton to testify

One response to “Chart of the day II: Warning signs for Hillary

  1. And this is why people are anti-establishment and then will end up voting for trump because pols like Clinton just get away with breaking the laws, even small ones while being mysterious about it all, time after time because they are held to different standards. There is no accountability anymore in this country for those in government, legislation, the judicial branch or corporations, only the average citizens pay the price, either in taxes or going to jail or getting shot in the street.
    It is no wonder that there is so much strife and hatred for one another. BUT yet this is the way the pols want it. It’s all a diversion for them to keep on doing what they do, stealing everything and gaming everyone, and why the same pols don’t want regulations because both sides are doing the gaming…

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