Brazilian poor wage an anti-gentrification struggle

Another gentrification battle, this time in Brazil

Following up on today’s post about the anti-gentrification riot in Berlin comes another story about poor people fighting to preserve buildings they have called home.

And this time the fight is in Brazil, where a Right wing government installed after the legislative coup that ousted President Dilma Rousseff is stepping up efforts to privatize and sell off the commons.

And this time the buildings in question are designated national landmarks.

From CCTV America:

A building battle raises resentment in Recife, Brazil

Program notes:

Along Brazil’s most beautiful stretch of coastline, a battle is underway as land from an old port city may be developed into a luxury apartment complex, displacing residents. Correspondent Gerry Hadden reports on the rising tensions of Recife and the debate over public and private spaces.

Things aren’t so different here in Berkeley, when the administration of Mayor Tom Bates waged a long and successful campaign against the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to replace members who favored preservation with those who would go along with the wishes of developers, who are the primary source of his campaign contributions.


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