Quote of the day: If it walks like a Duck [Dynasty]

From Advocate journalist Nico Lang, writing for Salon:

Why is A&E still supporting Phil Robertson?

 That’s the question of the day after Robertson, the family patriarch who stars on the channel’s “Duck Dynasty” program, is raising eyebrows yet again for his virulently anti-gay views. Robertson was a keynote speaker at last weekend’s Western Conservative Summit, an annual GOP conference held in Denver. As LGBTQ Nation reported, the self-described “Bible-thumper” likened the LGBT community to murderers in his speech, responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Americans.

“How many did we lose in Iraq and Afghanistan — with all that firepower?” he asks. “Six or seven thousand. Guess how many were murdered on streets of America during the same time frame? About 160,000. … Sounds like we’ve got a bigger war going on here than over there.”

Robertson claimed that high death rate, which has actually decreased in recent years, is the fault of LGBT people. “When you allow men to determine what’s right and what’s wrong, you get decisions like the five judges who said, ‘I may not know we have 7,000 years of history of men marrying women,” Robertson continued. “A male and a female. For that reason, they’ll leave their father and mother and cleave to one another and become one flesh. I know it’s been that way for 7,000 years, but we know best for what’s everybody.’”

A&E has yet to make a statement on his remarks, but the network isn’t likely to reprimand him. If you have to ask why, a memorable quote from Cameron Crowe’s “Vanilla Sky” is here to explain it to you: “What’s the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? Money.”


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