Chart of the day: Election 2016 as reality television

From 2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction, a massive new study on voter attitudes from the Pew Research Center contains one particularly fascinating chart, graphic evidence that American presidential campaigns have finally fulfilled their destiny: They now amount to nothing more or less than reality television:

BLOG Elecshun

Consider what those two sets of data reflect: We find the campaigns compelling because the protagonists are so repugnant, just as the American public finds all of the Real Housewives shows so compelling.

We love to see the smarmy revelation as and hear them trash talking each other, aghast yet fascinated as they sink to new lows.

It’s a case of Duck Dynasty meets Survivor, with a strong element of The Magic Christian thrown in for good measure [and if you haven’t read the Terry Southern classic, by all means do as it prefigures Donald Trump precisely].


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