UPDATED: Chelsea Manning suicide attempt fails

America’s best-known leaker apparently made an unsuccessful attempt to kill herself, reports United Press International:

Former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning, who was imprisoned for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks, has reportedly trying to kill herself.

Chelsea Manning, 28, is currently serving a 35-year sentence. She tried to commit suicide in a cell at Fort Leavenworth Prison in Kansas, according to CNN. One source told TMZ that she tried to hang herself.

Manning was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment before being returned to prison.

U.S. Army spokesman Colonel Patrick Seiber said that Manning was found in her cell “during the early hours of July 5th” and added that officials “continue to monitor the inmate’s condition.”

As Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army intelligence analyst, Manning leaked a vast trove of State Department cables to Wikileaks as well as documents and combat videos from the Iraq war, was convicted of espionage, computer fraud, and disobeying military orders.

Diagnosed with gender identity disorder by Army physicians, Manning asserted a female identity and renamed herself Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, the name under which she is serving her sentence in the army prison at Fort Leavenworth.

UPDATE: While the army is talking to the press about Manning’s condition, they are refusing to provide the same information to Manning’s attorneys.

From Fight for the Future:

Today, an unnamed official at the Army revealed unverified information relating to Chelsea Manning’s confidential medical status to the media and Nancy Hollander, lead attorney on her defense team, released the following statement:

“We’re shocked and outraged that an official at Leavenworth contacted the press with private confidential medical information about Chelsea Manning yet no one at the Army has given a shred of information to her legal team.

“I had a privileged call scheduled with Chelsea at 2pm Leavenworth time yesterday, after the Army has now said she was hospitalized, but the Army gave the excuse—which I now believe to be an outright lie—that the call could not be connected although my team was waiting by the phone.

“Despite the fact that they have reached out to the media, and that any other prison will connect an emergency call, the Army has told her lawyers that the earliest time that they will accommodate a call between her lawyers and Chelsea is Friday morning. We call on the Army to immediately connect Chelsea Manning to her lawyers and friends who care deeply about her well-being and are profoundly distressed by the complete lack of official communication about Chelsea’s current situation.”


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