Dan Adel: The faces on Mount Trumpmore

Vanity Fair commissioned painter/illustrator Dan Adel to offer his take on the faces that would logically accompany The Donald on American’s iconic sculptural peak.

While we concur that Tricky Dick and Dubious Dubya are good mount mates, we disagree with his pick of Herbert Hoover, both because two men with backgrounds in a tiny minority religion are one too many [both Nixon and Hoover were raised in Quaker homes], and because there’s another Republican who’s a better choice.

Yep, Calvin Coolidge is our pick for the fourth man.

Yes, Coolidge was considerably more quiescent than The Donald, earning himself the sobriquet of “Silent Cal.”

But there’s another reason, too. Hoover, like Nixon and Bush, were notoriously monogamous, while Trump is certainly not.

And that brings us to our pick of Coolidge, who is best known to today’s younger Americans not as the businessman he was, like Trump, but for the Coolidge Effect, a trait Trump personifies:

BLOG 4 Trumpmore


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