Charts of the day: Our untrustworthy candidates

Why are we not surprised?

Americans find neither candidate trustworthy, though what many may find shocking is this: Americans who do find either candidate to be trutworthy are more likely to pick Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton to be the trustworthy one.

From a May 14-17 Fox News poll [conducted by independent pollsters]:


Lest you think that Fox rigged the poll, he are more recent results from the respected Quinnipiac University Poll for June 28 when prospective voters were asked, “Regardless of how you intend to vote, who do you think is more trustworthy; Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?”:

BLOG Poll 2

So whoever becomes our new president, it will be someone most of us don’t trust.

What a fine kettle of fish!


One response to “Charts of the day: Our untrustworthy candidates

  1. LOVE Trump or Hate him. people see him as honest even though you might not like what he says but he says it unlike Hillary, you cannot trust what she says because she is not open one way or another and or skirts out of an answer. She talks like a lawyer, he talks like a client.

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