Graphic Representation: Bubba’s airport follies

Canon 2 of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges declared “A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all Activities.”

While the code doesn’t apply to the conduct of the United States Attorney General, there can be no doubts that, as the old adage says, the appearance of impropriety is as bad as impropriety itself.

But that’s just what happened Monday in Phoenix, where Bill Clinton huddled with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the federal officer who will decide whether or not Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her egre3gious handling of classified emails.

And can anyone believe that Bubba and the nation’s top cop spent all that time discussing granchildren?

And with that, on with the images.

First up, from the editorial cartoonist of the Miami Herald:

Jim Morin: In trouble again

BLOG Bill Morin

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Behind the scenes


On a similar note, from the editorial cartoonist of the Columbia, Missouri, Daily Tribune:

John Darkow: Purely academic

BLOG Bill Darkow

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Nate Beeler: Tarmac Meeting

Blog Bill Beeler

And a more benign offering from the editorial cartoonist of the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: Honey, I’m home

BLOG Bill Plante

And it should be noted that Clinton’s meeting with Lynch wasn’t the first time he got in trouble for a meeting he conducted at an airport tarmac.

Back in 1993, he held Air Force One at Los Angeles International Airport, forcing an hour-long shutdown of two main runways at one of the world’s busiest airports, just so he could be a $200 haircut from a Hollywood celebrity barber, triggering a political uproar.

Maybe Bubba should stick to Amtrak.


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