Coup government targets Brazil’s elder workers

The bloodless coup that replaced the government of President Dilma Rosseff with an acting president and ministers far more corrupt than the Rousseff’s government is adopting one of the desiderata of neoliberalism: They are targeting older workers with measures to extend the retirement age while slashing social security payments.

Rousseff has been sidelined pending her trial by the senate, an action now delayed until after the Summer Olympics, and the popular former President and Rousseff party colleague Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will likely run to ensure that the programs he began and Rousseff continued will be restored.

But until and if Lula returns, the future looks increasingly bleak for Brazil’s seniors, who will now be faced with the world’s oldest retirement age in a country with a lower average death age that countries in the industrialized North.

From teleSUR English:

Pension reform has become a national priority for Brazil’s coup-imposed President Michel Temer, who wants to establish the world’s harshest retirement age for worker’s irrespective of the level of their contributions to social security.

Although no country in the world has a minimum retirement age above 67, Temer is holding negotiations with a labor commission that has excluded many of the country’s main trade unions and involves government representatives.

Speaking to the press Friday, Presidential Chief of Staf Eliseu Padilha said the project has yet to be submitted to Congress, but it will be approved by the end of the year if the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff is confirmed by the Senate.

Analysts say the move to raise the retirement age to 70 would be unprecedented, impacting future generations in a country where the median age is 29 and life expectancy is 71.6 for men and 78.8 for woman, according to official government statistics.

Another measure announced by Temer’s government is the plan to reduce benefits paid by social security. The minimum pension individuals currently receive in Brazil is equivalent to the minimum wage, which accounts for 70 percent of pensioners.

And lest we forget, Barack Obama himself once proposed reducing Social Security payments, a move torpedoed by a guy named Bernie Sanders. . .


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