More allegations of official injustice in Mexico

Following up on our previous post, yet another report alleges misconduct against Mexican law enforcement officials, this time in the of Chihuahua.

From Frontera NorteSur:

The Chihuahua state government is pursuing legal charges against leading opposition political figures and social movement activists in connection with the June 22 disturbance at state government offices in Chihuahua City.

Humberto Gonzalez Aguirre, state legal representative, filed criminal charges June 25 against National Action Party (PAN) state lawmakers Rogelio Loya Luna and Ana Lilia Gomez Licon; Jaime Garcia Chavez, co-founder of the grassroots Citizen Union; Victor Quintana, former legislator and longtime adviser to small farmer organizations; Oscar Castrejon, a local leader of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party; and Benjamin Noguiera Garcia.

In comments to El Diario newspaper, Quintana said the accusations were patently false.

“(State authorities) are fabricating crimes like sedition when the evidence shows that at the time of the events we were making a call for peace, asking that no damages be done to the building and no aggressions take place against members of the press,” Quintana was quoted.

Violence broke out at a demonstration against outgoing Governor Cesar Duarte’s administration in front of the state government offices in downtown Chihuahua City last week as a shadowy group of individuals attempted to storm the building, broke windows and damaged other property, and trashed police cars. Although Quintana said he had still not received formal notice of the criminal charges against him, the former congressman added that he, Jaime Garcia, Castrejon and another prominent rural activist leader, Gabino Gomez, had taken preemptive legal action in anticipation of state criminal charges. Quintana said soon-to-be revealed evidence will show the involvement of a group of infiltrators transported from Ciudad Juarez and connected to Antorcha Campesina, an organization affiliated with Duarte’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which has been linked to violent incidents across Mexico going back decades.

The former congressman contended that statements from government quarters soon after the June 22 incident tying the violence to people from the southern state of Oaxaca was meant to feed “a certain racism in Chihuahua.” Many of Oaxaca’s residents are of Indigenous or Afro-Mestizo origin. Quintana and some of the other individuals facing prosecution for June 22 are active supporters of Governor-elect Javier Corral, a longtime PAN politician who has pledged to hold Duarte accountable for alleged corruption and embezzlement and is engaged in a thorny transition with the outgoing administration.


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