John Oliver’s jock itch: Tackling sports doping

As a short, fat kid, we always looked at sports with a slightly jaded eye, especially given the demigod status accorded jocks in high school and college.

The quarterback of our high school football team would later be indicted for his role in a savings and loan scam involving the brother of a future President of the United States, and the jock in question was actually one of the nicer athletes we encountered in school and sheltered us from some of his bullying teammates.

Later on in college we graded papers, only to discover that star jocks who failed test after test somehow managed to wind up with Cs and Bs on their report cards.

We also grew up in the Cold War, where the Olympics were, like warfare, simply an extension of politics by other means.

All the same, growing up we were also huge baseball fans, with the New York Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals our favorite teams. Willie Mays and Stan Musial were our heroes.

But enough of that and on with the show.

From Last Week Tonight:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Doping

Program notes:

Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.


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