Graphic representation: Brexpocalypse Now!

We begin with the editorial cartoonist of the Charlotte Observer:

Kevin Siers: Brexit wins

BLOG Brex Siers

Next, the Washington Post’s lead editorial artist weighs in with a sketch:

Tom Toles: Britain decides to take a hike

BLOG Brex Toles

And from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Steve Breen: I coulda been a contendah!

BLOG Brex Breen

The Kansas City Star seeks resonance closer to home:

Lee Judge: Trump this!

BLOG Brex Judge

From the Miami Herald, the morning after the night before:

Jim Morin: Waiting to . . .

BLOG Brex Morin

The Chattanooga Times Free Press notes another departure:

Clay Bennett: Brexit

BLOG Brex Bennett

While the Washington Post looks at two New York natives with wild hair [former London Mayor and lead Brexit agitator Boris Johnson hails from the Big Apple]:

Ann Telnaes: Tweedle dee and Tweedle Donald

BLOG Brex Telnaes

And, finally, from the Sacramento Bee, California’s Governor Moonbeam gets an idea:

Jack Ohman: Calexit

BLOG Brex Ohman


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