Peña Nieto doubles down on Mexican ed ‘reforms’

Resistance to the neoliberal educational agenda of the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto has sent thousands of Mexican teachers and their supporters into the streets of Oaxaca cities and towns.

Violent repression by police has led to the deaths of at least nine protestors and injuries to scores more, leading physicians to join in with a strike of their own.

But all the activism has been met with a stone wall of resistance from the capital.

The latest development from teleSUR English:

Mexico “will continue to deepen” the controversial education reform that has resulted in violent repression of teacher protests, Education Minister Aurelio Nuño said on Thursday.

Nuño called the law, which was implemented by President Enrique Peña Nieto, a “central and essential project” that Mexico needs to be successful in the twenty-first century.

The minister gave these statements during a meeting with the head of the government-recognized teachers union, the SNTE.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osoio Chong met with leaders from the radical CNTE teachers union, who have been leading protests against the reform. No agreements resulted from talks, which followed the massacre of 12 people in the southern state of Oaxaca during CNTE-led protests against the reform.

Teachers have been protesting since 2013, when Peña Nieto presented the education reform as part of a set of 11 radical neoliberal reforms in key areas such as finance, health and energy sector.

Meanwhile, strike supporters have joined the protest in New York City.

From RT America:

Protesters gather outside NYC Mexican Consulate in solidarity with 9 killed in Oaxaca

Program notes:

For a second day, demonstrators gathered outside the New York City Mexican Consulate, outraged over the shooting of teachers in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca in southern Mexico. State and federal police are accused of opening fire Sunday on protesters who were expressing their dissent over government reforms to privatize education. Many of the people were teachers in their teens and early twenties. In the carnage nine people died; 100 were injured, including 45 who remain hospitalized; 21 were arrested, and 23 are disappeared. Video and reporting by @RebMyles.


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