The Brexit: An animated take on a heated election

With the UK vote on whether or not to remain in the European Union now in its final minutes, we turn to those folks at Taiwanese Animators for a humorous take on a momentous decision:

UK EU referendum 2016: Britain to decide European Union future in crunch Brexit vote – TomoNews 

Program notes:

LONDON — Britain votes on its four-decade-long membership of the European Union this Thursday, with the option to Bremain in or Brexit out of the 28-country-politico-economic alliance.

Brits are dead split over the EU. And when figures on boths side of the debate like Prime Minister David Cameron, mop-headed flip-flopping former London mayor Boris Johnson and U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage are talking out their asses with half-truths and threats, we honestly can’t blame them.

The Brexit crowd reckons leaving the EU would return immigration control and sovereignty and make Britain great again. Do they mean the empire?

The Bremain bunch meanwhile prophecize of nothing but the UK’s impending doom should Brexit happen.

A leave vote may spell the downfall of the EU and the U.K. itself, while remaining might well result in a United States of Europe. Either way, it’s going to the wire, and Europe will never be the same after the votes are tallied on June 23 — a day before a certain Mr. Trump pays a flying visit to Britain.


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