Blood on the newsroom floor. . .media shifts

Today, a graphic post following up on yesterday’s post on shifting revenues in the media world.

First up, from the Atlantic, a look at the shift in advertising revenues form 1925 to 2015 as new media emerged, starting with radio, followed by television. and now the Internet:

BLOG Journo ads

Also from the same page of Atlantic, a the overall advertising revenues for all news media over time from 1925 to 2015, expressed as a percentage of the Gross National Product:

BLOG Journo revenues

Next, from the Columbia Journalism Review. a look at the dwindling newspaper advertising revenues, with online advertising growing as revenues of the papers’ dead tree versions fall:

BLOG Journo newspaper ads

Finally, where do we get our news?

BLOG Journo keyThe answer from Digital News Report 2016 from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, an exhaustive survey of news media in the developed world, including detailed analyses of the audiences for a wide range of media and featuring a demographic analysis of just who trusts/distrusts the sources of information we rely on to follow the world around us [the key is to the right]:

BLOG Journo sources


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