Thousands call for resignation of Greece’s PM

The failure of the governing Greek party, the nominally leftist Syriza to fulfill its campaign promises to ease the austerity burdens imposed on the nation by the troika of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund brought thousands to the square outside the parliament building in the heart of Athens today.

From Greek Reporter:

A flood of protestors of all ages gathered at Syntagma Square at 6:30 pm on Wednesday calling for the resignation of the Greek government. The anti-government rally, was organized on social media by the new “Resign” movement that has come in response to the economic crisis and political turbulence that has defined Greece since the rise of the leftist SYRIZA government, serving to exacerbate an already volatile situation in Greece.

Around 10,000 people heeded to the call, filling Syntagma Square and surrounding streets. The number exceeded the organizers’ expectations bearing in mind fears that there would be violence during the gathering.

Megaphones with recordings of old speeches issued by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, full of broken promises, blared across the square. People booed and yelled, calling for Tsipras to resign amid recorded messages of leftist SYRIZA’s pledges that the bailout agreements would be torn and the debts would be written off.  There were a number of banners with messages: “The people don’t want you, take your junta and leave!” “Thieves, resign!” “Tsipras, liar, resign.” “Tsipras go home.” “Pity us, resign.” “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

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