Pirate Party tops Iceland opinion polls — Yarrr!

Yep, the party of hackers, poets, artists, musicians, and other folk concerned about the growing corporatization of Iceland’s culture is leading in the public opinion polls four months ahead of parliamentary elections.

From the Iceland Monitor:

The Pirate Party in Iceland is back at the top of the polls as the largest political party in Iceland.

A new poll conducted by the Social Science Research Institute of the University of Iceland shows that the Pirate Party has a following of 29.9 % going up by 1.6 % since the last poll. The second largest party in Iceland is the Independence Party with 22.7 % which means that it has gone down by 5.5 percent since May.

The party – which runs on a platform of direct democracy, freedom of information and civil and political rights – has been topping opinion polls for over a year, but went down recently to second place to the centre-right Independence Party.

Another story from the Iceland Monitor reports on the party’s electoral plans:

Iceland’s Pirate Party has announced that they will be holding primary elections for parliamentary candidates in every constituency in Iceland, ahead of general elections this summer.

The Pirates currently have just three MPs, but with latest opinion polls giving them almost 30% of the popular vote, they could see themselves having to return 15-20 MPs by the autumn.

And party founder Birgitta Jónsdóttir tweeted her take on the poll:

Yaarrrr! Elections coming in October and we possibly maybe might win this.

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