Another Brazilian coup leader in trouble

The leaders of the coup who forced the suspension of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff keep finding themselves accused of the very things they attributed to Rousseff in justifying her ouster.

Never mind that the coup plotters are privatizers eager to put the commons on the auction block on behalf of the lootocrats so favored by Washington, Wall Street, and the military.

The latest casualty, via teleSUR English:

Eduardo Cunha, a key figure in the coup plot that saw President Dilma Rousseff ousted from power, faces a likely suspension from his post over ethics violations.

The Council of Ethics of the Chamber of Deputies, which Cunha once led, voted 11 to 9 to suspend the lawmaker.

Supporters broke out in cheers and songs with lyrics about Cunha’s alleged improprieties after the vote was announced.

The issue will now be put to a vote in the lower house, where at least 257 of the 513 lawmakers must vote to suspend Cunha for him to lose his seat. Cunha can however turn to the Constitution and Justice Committee of the chamber before the vote in the plenary is held.

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