And now for something completely different. . .

When esnl came to California in 1967 to consult an attorney about fighting the draft, one of the first things we noticed after flying into San Francisco was the profusion of extremley colorful posters announcing rock concerts.

Particularly fascinating to a buddy 20-year-old journalist was the way these graphic announcements intentionally concealed from first the information you’d want to know if you were pondering attending the concert.

The information was there, but it took real effort to read, thanks to the curious hand-drawn lettering and the way the shapes flowered into each other, or were virtually concealed by contrasting, well, psychedelic colors.

There’s a delightful Tumblr call Psychedelic sixties filled with all manner of photos, posters, and other images of those turbulent years, and we picked a few for today’s post.


We’ll begin with one that’s not associated with the San Francisco Bay Area, except for the band involved. The Be-Ins were events at which Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters greeted the audience at this Los Angeles happening with LSD-laced Kool Aid.

BLOG Hip 11

BLOG Hip 8

BLOG Hip 6

BLOG Hip 5

BLOG Hip 3

BLOG Hip 9

BLOG Hip 10

BLOG Hip 1

And to conclude, another icon of the age couldn’t resist offering its own take on the San Francisco psychedelic scene. . .

BLOG Hip Mad

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