An Abby Martin twofer: Monsanto and Hillary

Two videos featuring Abby Martin, the artist and activist who launched her video career on Berkeley Community Cable, then moved on to RT and now teleSUR English, where she hosts the weekly half-hour series The Empire Files.

In the latest she tackles Monsanto.

From teleSUR English:

The Empire Files: Monsanto, America’s Monster

Program notes:

Few corporations in the world are as loathed—and as sinister—as Monsanto. But the threat it poses to people and planet could be reaching new heights, as the World Health Organization has recently upgraded Monsanto’s main product as carcinogenic to humans.

With protests against the agrochemical giant held in over 40 countries in May, learn why the global movement against Monsanto is of critical importance to our future.

In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin issues a scathing expose on the corporate polluter, chronicling it’s rise to power, the collusion of its crimes by the US government, and highlighting the serious danger it puts us in today.

For our second video, a sometimes intense discussion between Martin and Real News Network founder Paul Jay.

Given that both are Bernie backers, the question is how to vote in November, given Hillary Clinton’s all-but-inevitable assumption of the nomination.

Will it be, in Noam Chomsky’s words of “hold your nose and vote for Hillary,” or will it be a third way, quixotic or not.

From The Real News Network:

Abby Martin and Paul Jay – Should Sanders Run for a Third Party?

Program note:

Martin and Jay discuss voting for the lesser evil

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