Bill Moyers takes down Trump, a must-see talk

Bill Moyers has perhaps the longest continuous career as a journalist on the American national stage.

Born in Oklahoma to a working class family and raised in Texas, Moyers worked as a journalist after college, then became a Southern Baptist minister before returning to journalism. He served as White House Press Secretary to Lyndon Johnson, then returned to journalism, working in television and print.

Only last year did he nominally retire, winding up his successful PBS interview Series, Moyers and Company.

In this address, delivered lats month at the University of California, Santa Barbara, offers a truly devastating takedown of Donald Trump, as well as the reasons for the mainstream media’s endless and profitable fascination with all things Trump.

He rightly calls the American political system broken, corrupted by the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of a very, very few, and notes, among other things, that childhood poverty has increased under the Obama administration.

And we have to chide UCSB for editing the word “bullshit” out of Moyers’ talk. Really, folks. That’s bullshit in and of itself.

Give it a listen. You’ll be amply rewarded.

From University of California Television:

An Evening with Bill Moyers

Program notes:

Bringing his expertise, experience and wisdom longtime journalist Bill Moyers looks at the November election and asks if we are in for Armageddon, apocalypse, or rapture? Moyers has received 37 Emmy Awards, nine Peabody Awards, the National Academy of Television’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute, among others. Recorded on 05/18/2016.

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