California sheriff intimated would-be voters

A wingnut, and a Donald Trump supporter, no doubt.

From Raw Story:

A right-wing “constitutional” sheriff is under investigation by California’s attorney general for alleged voter intimidation during Tuesday’s primary election.

Sheriff Jon Lopey said his deputies assisted the Attorney General’s Office and the Siskiyou County investigate alleged voter fraud claims last week, but the ACLU says the sheriff instead used the inquiry to intimidate immigrants and minorities, reported the Record Spotlight.

State officials are investigating reports that Lopey and his deputies set up a checkpoint outside a subdivision near Hornbrook and stopped only those cars driven by Hmongs, an ethnic group of people from some mountainous regions of southeast Asia, and asked whether they were registered to vote.

Hmong residents said county and state officials showed up at their homes carrying military-style rifles and threatened to arrest anyone who tried to illegally vote — and civil rights activists say many of them stayed home out of fear rather than vote in the primary.

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