That Clinton email server just won’t go away. . .

While most pundits [save for the Fox News mopes] insist those Hillary emails ain’t no big thang, we have to wonder if we might see the indictment of a mainstream party’s presidential candidate.

And if any decision is being held back pending the outcome of the November vote, then how is that not institutional corruption?

Certainly there seems to be at least a few glowing members beneath all that smoke, or you wouldn’t have a story like this one from Associated Press:

New details are emerging about the immunity agreement reached between the Justice Department and the Hillary Clinton aide who set up her private email server.

Bryan Pagliano confirmed in a court filing Tuesday that he had been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for cooperating with the Justice Department’s investigation into the server.

He filed copies of those agreements under seal.

The filing came in response to a federal judge’s directive last week that he reveal details of his immunity arrangement as part of a lawsuit brought by the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch.

And then there’s this from Vice News:

The FBI is seeking permission to file a second, secret declaration in US District Court in Washington, DC describing its search for documents related to the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

The declaration is to be submitted in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the bureau by VICE News seeking the contents of Clinton’s email server and the FBI’s correspondence with the State Department. It contains “additional details” about the ongoing investigation, according to a court filing submitted to US District Court Judge Randolph Moss Monday night asking him to accept the secret document, which came on the eve of major Democratic primary contests in California, New Jersey, and four other states,

The details of the declaration pertain, in part, to the bureau’s search for documents about Clinton’s server and how the public release of the records could harm the FBI’s investigation, Justice Department lawyers wrote in a court filing, seeking dismissal of VICE News’ lawsuit.

“These details supplement defendant’s showing that it conducted a reasonable search, but cannot be disclosed on the public record without compromising information that the FBI seeks to protect,” the filing said.

Our own takeaway from the email flap is that Hillary Clinton simply feels herself above the rules and laws that bind mere mortals like thee and we.

And as usually happens with folks with such attitudes, we suspect something, sometime is gonna rise up and bite her in the expensively clad posterior.

One response to “That Clinton email server just won’t go away. . .

  1. And don’t 4get the horseshit about being so poor in Chicago. She lived in Park Ridge, which is a Republican upper class suburb. This poor me crap is the first lie and yeah she thinks she is above the law with her condescending and better than thou attitude. We need a woman in the white house, just not her!

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