EPA to issue pesticide warning: Atrazine hazardous

About time they took some action on atrazine [previously].

From Reuters:

One of the most popular herbicides in U.S. agriculture can be dangerous to animals and fish and leaves behind worrisome residue levels, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday in a draft report that sparked outrage among farmers.

The agency’s assessment of atrazine could lead to tighter regulatory limits on the product, manufactured by Swiss-based Syngenta. That could ultimately prevent farmers from being able to use it to control weeds, according to agricultural groups that blasted the report as flawed.

Atrazine is primarily used on corn, sorghum and sugarcane to fight weeds and increase yields in the U.S. Midwest. In Canada, atrazine is a Group 5 active ingredient in herbicides for corn crops, such as Syngenta’s Lumax, Aatrex, Propero and Primextra.

The EPA’s review adds to a debate about the safety of leading crop chemicals after a branch of the World Health Organization said last year that the herbicide glyphosate was “probably” able to cause cancer in humans.

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