Graphic representation: The Donald & the media

And more. . .

We begin with an offering from the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s editorial representer:

Steve Sack: Donald Trump and the media

BLOG Trump Sack

And on to the Arizona Republic’s:

Steve Benson: Trump abuses, uses the media

BLOG Trump Benson

Then the Washington Post’s graphic riposte:

Tom Toles: Someone dared ask Trump a question

BLOG Trump Toles

And on to the Tulsa World’s cartoonist:

Bruce Plante: Trump bites the hand

BLOG Trump Plant

The Los Angeles Times‘s editorial pages offer an absurdist take:

David Horsey: Donald Trump’s weird ‘Wonderland’ campaign

BLOG Trump Horsey

From the editorial cartoonist of the Charlotte Observer takes away from the Fourth Estate:

Kevin Siers: Trump U

BLOG Trump Siers

The Miami Herald’s editorial artist tackles the same subject:

Jim Morin: Trump University

BLOG Trump Morin

And the Atlanta Journal-Constitution lays it in the lap of the voter:

Mike Luckovich: Interesting choices

BLOG Trump Lucko

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