UC President demands tougher sex abuse rules

Yep, the University of California is cracking down on sexual predators in academic robes at the insistence of its president, who says earlier proposals didn’t go far enough to curb the kind of abuse that’s been flourishing, especially at the Berkeley campus.

The ongoing scandals at Cal ahve already resulted in the resignation of one of the nation’s leading astronomers, the law school dean, and an athletic coach, though no tenured faculty have been dismissed and firings have been limited to non-teaching staff.

From the East Bay Times:

A University of California committee charged with recommending reforms for the investigation and discipline of faculty accused of sexual misconduct did not go far enough in its initial report and will need to reconvene, UC President Janet Napolitano said in a letter released Monday.

Napolitano said the committee made “several important recommendations,” including changes to make it easier to place a faculty member who is under investigation on involuntary leave. But, she said, the committee needs to come back in three months with recommendations for a clear timeline — no longer than five months for the investigation and discipline of a professor — among other changes that will require careful consideration.

 “Given the seriousness of these cases and the shortcomings that have been identified with existing processes and policies, however, this work is crucial,” she wrote.

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