Clowns give German racist her just desserts

The dessert in this case being a cream pie, delivered by singing clowns.

And the politician in this case resembles a German Donald Trump, though she’s even more bloodthirsty than Trump when it comes to undocumented border-crossers, advocating a shoot on sight policy, even for women and children.

The story from Deutsche Welle:

Two men in clown costumes threw a pie in the face of EU lawmaker Beatrix von Storch during a meeting of the German AfD party in Kassel. The activists were protesting von Storch’s statement on shooting illegal immigrants.

The two approached von Storch while carrying the cream-filled cake and singing Happy Birthday in a Kassel hotel on Sunday. One of two men then threw the dessert at her face, while the other, also in costume, recorded the stunt.

Beatrix von Storch, the deputy leader of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and a member of the EU parliament, was attending a closed-door party meeting. Her colleagues grabbed hold of the attackers and called police, an AfD spokesman said.

“People with no arguments tear down posters, burn cars and disrupt meetings with pies,” von Storch said after the episode.

The incident was soon claimed by a group of Berlin performance artists calling themselves “Peng Collective.” The group said they organized the stunt as a response to recent comments made by von Storch, who suggested that security forces should be allowed to shoot migrant women with children entering Germany illegally.

And the video, from Marie Bauer, with a Google translation:

Caking Beatrix von Storch: Total War against the AFD


On 02/28/2016 people have taken advantage of the moral outer border of the land of the pie. At a meeting of the AFD in Penta Hotel in Kassel Beatrix von Storch and another AfDler were getortet [pied].

And for German readers, there’s more at Tortaler Krieg gegen die AfD. And that’s a pastry-tinged pun turning the German for total war into torte-al war.

4 responses to “Clowns give German racist her just desserts

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  2. “Total war against the Afd” is inaccurate.

    3rd reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels pushed for total war in his speech in Sportpalast.
    A Pegida member was just punished by a court for citing Goebbels at a demonstration:
    (Pegida and Afd are close)

    The Hashtag about von Storchs cake was “to*r*talerKrieg”, a wordplay with “Torte”, german for a very festive cake like for birthdays and weddings.

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