The Forbidden Bookshelf: Publishing amnesia

In this clip from Breaking the Set, Abby Martin interviews Mark Crispin Miller about a project we heartily endorse, Forbidden Bookshelf, which is bringing subversive [in the best sense] classics back to life.

While not mentioned in the clip, one of the books offered by the project is Dan Moldea‘s Interference, a remarkable expose of the dark side of the National Football League.

We’ve known Dan for more than three decades, and have even contributed some information and leads to him over the years. He’s a superb journalist, and we highly recommend his book.

That said, on with the show.

From Breaking the Set:

Why These 5 Books Are Censored from Your History Class | Interview with Mark Crispin Miller

Program notes:

Abby Martin speaks with NYU media studies professor, Mark Crispin Miller, discussing the addition of 5 books to the Forbidden Bookshelf, a project aimed at making important literature that has gone out of circulation once again available to the public.

Another book from their list is Christopher Simpson’s Blowback, which documents the use of former Nazi war criminal freed of responsibilities for their atrocities and whitewashed by the Central Intelligence Agency [and its predecessors] and military intelligence, then employed as scientists by the American missile and munitions programs or used as intelligence assets during the Cold War.


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