Our candidates of the day for liquidation. . .

Yeah, why not?

When corporations do malicious things that reek of patent [in both senses] absurdity motivated solely by greed, let’s liquidate them. Or better yet, let’s give their ownership over to the community of folks who’ve been vicitmized by their depredations.

And in that light, we bring you a delightfully bile-arousing clip from Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set:

Program notes:

Abby Martin goes over the top 5 most ridiculous patents in the US, citing everything from Amazon’s patent of white background photography to Apple’s patent of the shape of a rectangle all leading to the rise of patent trolling and a complete abuse of the system.


7 responses to “Our candidates of the day for liquidation. . .

  1. yea lets turn it over to the people who do not know the first thing how to run a company in fact we can demonize all profit making corporations to justify stealing them (or at least make them pay back any subsides they benefitted from to help the get a foothold) or yea since we cant all personally run them let the government do it they are so efficient fair and wiser than you and me. lets liquidate them and spread the pennies around to make sure everyone has at least 10 cents each. no what you need is a government of people with honesty and integrity. then they will properly prosecute fraud and wrongdoing, liquidating a company for supposed wrongs (just because people believe they are guilty of greed)is unjust. frankly I am surprised that people who are rich are greedy and those who want their property or wealth created who are poor are not. so which is it, if you poor and government gives you proceeds from a company that is enough to make you rich then are you now greedy because your rich? being rich is not a crime, but if a corporation has to use government to protect itself form other organizations trying to steal their hard earned wealth what of it? I am not for corruption or greed no matter how rich or poor you are. being poor doesn’t automatically make you moral. neither does being rich automatically make you immoral.

    • If those corporations are pulling up wealth by patenting things in common use [and having worked in photo studios and used seamless white backgrounds, we can assure you they’ve been in use for years, then suing anyone who does what they’ve done for years to add to their wealth because no hapless photo studio has the cash to wage a legal fight with Amazon, then hell yes, take’ em over. And that’s no believing companies that do such are greedy, it’s knowing that they’re avaricious. But then the very nature of the modern corporation is an embodiment of greed, a point even acknowledged by the pope these days. And we’ll never have a government of honesty and integrity so long as corporations own it and work to destroy every restraint on their greed. I see by your blog that you are apparently Christian. Why not go back to your Bible and read what Jesus said about the rich and about given the cloak off your own back to the poor. Jesus was a friend of the poor.

      • you do know corporations are not living things don’t you? and you do know that a lot of polticians and others have stock in many of them right? Jesus was a friend of those who loved God rich or poor. when he told that rich guy to sell everything he has and give to the poor it wasn’t because he was wrong to be rich it was because in order to be a disciple of his he would need to get rid of the weight of managing his wealth so he could become a co ruler with Christ in heaven. to preach and teach would require giving up a lot so you can focus on that instead of being divided. no where did he say being rich was wrong (unless you broke Gods laws to do it) he said it was impossible for a rich guy to get saved because his riches would be a big distraction to being a disciple, not because wealth was wrong. remember Jesus was speaking at a time where shortly jerusalum was going to be destroyed (which occurred in 70ce) and he told Christians when you see jeruselum surrounded by armies know the desolation of her is near and to leave and not look back someone with wealth in gold silver property etc would find it difficult to leave and thus he would be destroyed too, just like pompai people were clutching their wealth when they were intombed the poor already left they had no incentive to question if the volcano was going to erupt or not. being a true Christian is hard not everyone will give up their wealth to be one, sure that is not wise but not necessarily is the riches he has wrong (unless he broke the law to do it)in fact there are Jehovah witnesses who are pretty well off, (we are Christians too we preach and teach door to door use the bible and follow jesus steps closly as possible) but still serve God well, it is just a strong distraction to be wealthy during this time of the end and being wealthy can have a influence if someone doesn’t watch their attitude about it orkeep their faith strong. but paul gave a good example he gave up his wealth he considered it refuse garbage his former life and position. he wanted to focus on the preaching work not on keeping wealth. but no where did I see him condemn others who were wealthy for being wealthy.

      • Under law, corporations are living things. The Supreme Court says so, giving them the civil rights of fleshly folk, except for the vote [which they by anyway by buying elections]. And I never read in my own Bible anything about the rich man becoming co-CEO of heaven. But again, you argue from theology, which demands unquestioning belief, whereas we are limited to the far more mundane tools of reason and evidence of the sort defined by our human courts and laws. I won’t convince you, and you certainly won’t convince me. Jesus wasn’t founding a church, as he said himself. Paul was, and Paul never met hi,m. Founding and running churches takes lots of money, and its strange how Christian beliefs are adapted to the exigencies of founding human empires consisting of tax-exempt buildings, real estate holdings, and suchlike. Indeed, churches are corporations too, come to think of it, and so they create doctrines changing the tenor of original Christianity [at least such of it as we can discern given the lack of original documents from the time Jesus lived] to support their own economic imperatives. But your believes give you comfort and justify your economic position, and we certainly won’t try to dissuade you , in part because it would be futile and in part because we leave people to their comforting notions so long as they don’t impinge unduly on out own life. We’d appreciate it it if you’d do the same [that is, if you and your coreligionists would stop calling on door to peddle your teachings; you casn do the same for yourself by avoiding our modest little blog. We don’t try to convert anyone, and we never knock on doors].

      • I had a couple of law dicitonaries a black law of 1910 (which unfortunantly I lost) and another one forgot what the name was it defined person as an actor one who wears a mask. so reality they are persons trouble is we have been led to believe we are too, in the legal sense, they have taken a lot of the common man’s words and perverted it to mean something else, you say accident (something unintentional) the legal says intentional collision in te us code, I checked the ohio code here. you say right they say wrong requiring a license thus making it a privilege other wise why do you need a permit to do what you want with your private property? you see you and I are not allowed to wear a mask we must show our hand all the time to do business with gov and corp, corp on the other hand have been given the privilege of anominity. corp is a state entity that is given limited liability or in many cases no liability while you and I who are forced to be persons do not get such limited liability we are just declared persons by default because it gives the gov a way around your “rights” to give you the bill for the liabilities of others. (such as welfare, environmental clean up, subsidizing workers in these corporations stuff like that) this my friend is what communism/socialism/fascism is realy about, using gov power to steal legally the wealth of others. doesn’t matter what you call it. As for door to door work let me ask you what is the one thing Jesus did the most and what did he tellus to do? and ceo? really? a king is more like it a per revelation chapter 5 indicates the reason for selecting a few people to rule with Christ. if one knows learns of God’s purpose and will and doesn’t tell others that one will become blood guilty and paul did not found a church Jesus did. and he preached at first not to gentiles but to his own people who were already in a dedicated relationship with Jehovah via the mosaic covenant and yet he was preaching to them, why? could it because they have not lived up to their dedication and needed to come back to Jehovah? (or jesus if you prefer) so are Christians today living up to what it means to be a Christian and cannot Jesus or Jehovah his father be quite capable of making sure his people have the resources they need to preach and teach his word and bring in disciples? the bible indicates Jehovah owns all the gold and silver of the planet and if he cannot provide for his people then it is not his organization.

      • You’re incorrect about the concept of the corporation as a legal person, and your legal dictionary omits the 1887 U.S. Supreme Court Decision Southern Pacific v. County of Santa Clara, which held: “The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of opinion that it does.”

        And we won’t devote biblical interpretation with you, given that dozens of different sects interpret the same biblical passages in dozens of different ways.

        And you do have a driver’s license, don’t you? And license plates for your car? If so, you’ve already taken a bite of the apple.

      • well being coerced to waive a right is threat coercion duress without it they steal my property, the judicial system has been guilty of constructive fraud. it does’t matter what the supreme court says it if is a lawless thing it is a lawless thing, when rights are violated or not respected all you have are wrongs. corp only exist on paper all it is a group of people (which are persons right?) working together for a common goal, I guess there is nothing wrong with that, unfortunantly the problem is not the laws in itself but human beings being the interpretors of them who can make it come out anyway they want, there is a reason rome fell, there was a reason Jehovah destroyed the nation of isreal using the roman world power at the time they did exactly what is going on in government today a land of Christendom,fiat currency, lies lies lies, robbing the poor using legal attire to oppress their fellows for the sake of power and profit, it is as old as time itself, man cannot rule over himself it has been proven time and again. so naturally this is why governments always become tyrannical (if theydid not start out that way) humans are incapable of ruling over himself successfully without devine direction, let alone rule over others. they always become corrupt, look at Solomon he was the most righteous and obedient man around at the time and God gave him everything and yet even he became corrupt, so man cannot have positions of authority over is fellow man without becoming corrupt, abusive and unjust. look at history. regardless of how you feel about religions (the corruption in it is no doubt the reason or maybe your atheist) we are spiritual people and cannot live in a darkened world of people who act more like animals, without our spiritual side we become no better than animals living the law of the jungle rather than rule of law based on respect for rights of our fellows.

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