Chart of the day: Europe’s most hated

From the Pew Research Center, evidence that the Roma [commonly called Gypsies] and Muslims have replaced Jews as the continents favorite scapegoats:

Microsoft Word - Pew Global Attitudes European Union Report FINA


2 responses to “Chart of the day: Europe’s most hated

  1. Twenty years ago when my husband and I were on holiday in Rome, while with me, he was set upon simultaneously by two female Roma, whose hands were all over him searching out his pockets. He froze in complete shock, not being of a temperament to strike a female (he was mugged 5 times when we lived in London and fought back successfully on 3 of the occasions). It was only when I started shrieking at them and the Italians nearby moved in to help us, that they backed off – temporarily. Then they immediately came back, but the Italians motioned for us to come into a nearby shop and only then did they give up. It has been a continuous problem in Rome since then and the same thing is happening in Paris except now it is often mob pick- pocketing attacks using a lot of children for distraction. And Eastern European pick-pocketing gangs, many Roma, are now “working” in London. Do come and visit Europe and enjoy the multi-cultural experiences offered by Rome, Paris and London.

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