Contrary takes on the death of Nelson Mandela

First, this editorial cartoon Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader:

BLOG Mandelatoon

And then there’s this, with the ineffable narcissistic spun:

BLOG TrumpmandelaFinally, via Open Culture, Nelson Mandela’s first appearance on international television, 21 March 1961, on Britain’s ITN:

From Open Culture:

In May of 1961, a 42-year-old Mandela gave his first-ever interview to ITN reporter Brian Widlake as part of a longer ITN Roving Report program about Apartheid. At that point, the police are already hunting for Mandela, but Widlake pulls some strings and arranges to meet him in his hideout. When the reporter asks Mandela what Africans want, he promptly responds:

“The Africans require, want the franchise, the basis of One Man One Vote – they want political independence.”

But perhaps more interesting is the dialogue towards the end of the interview, where Mandela explores the complex relationship between peace and violence as protest and negotiation tactics. We’re left wondering whether his seemingly sudden shift from a completely peaceful campaign strategy up to that point towards considering violence as a possibility may be the product of South African police going after him with full force that week. Violence, it seems, does breed violence even in the best and noblest of us.


One response to “Contrary takes on the death of Nelson Mandela

  1. Thank you for sharing this video. He was a amazing human being. He led with wisdom and common sense. He will be missed in our world.

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