Quote of the day: Greed and the classroom

From Cory Doctorow, writing at Boing Boing:

The University of Toronto’s School of Business has advised its faculty to avoid assigning articles from the Harvard Business Review to their students. Though the U of T library has a digital subscription to the Review, Harvard has put it — and other schools — on notice that they will be billed separately if they are caught assigning, suggesting, or referring to HBR articles in classrooms. That’s because the license agreement for academic HBR subscriptions forbids using HBR in coursework, and Harvard is now enforcing those terms, and hoping to extract rent from universities where the profs assume, foolishly, that just because a scholarly journal is in their library on a paid-up subscription, they can tell the students to go and read it.


2 responses to “Quote of the day: Greed and the classroom

  1. Bruce E. Woych

    More than egregious and outrageous; this is a direct contradiction of the Universities’ moral and ethical obligation to disseminate knowledge. It strikes to the core of institutionalized hypocrisy and speaks to the reason why business mentality should never be a guideline for higher cultural intellectual pursuits. Let Harvard stand alone, let us abandon her and banish her from history!

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