Censorship by WordPress: Vanishing Horst Wessel

In the post below on the catastrophic conditions in Greece, we wrote this paragraph:

The rise of the bloody-minded Golden Dawn, that cadre of thugs who give the Hitler salute and sing the Horst Wessel Song [missing words and links], accounts for most of the body count in this from Kathimerini English:

The missing words are these: “Greek version, the German original,” with YouTube links to the first and last two words. Yet when we published the post, there’s nothing but a space between the word “Song” and the comma.

It’s not a one-time fluke, as we have tried to include the original words and links no fewer than four separate times.

We loathe both Golden Dawn and their German predecessors, but we considered the links important, as they impart a visceral sense of just how powerful the melody and words really are to give the reader and listener a sense of the forces now being aroused in Greece.

This is the only time in our four years of writing this blog that we’ve encountered overt censorship by WordPress, which apparently has a program routine to block the linking of written reference to the song with You Tube videos.

A sad day indeed.


One response to “Censorship by WordPress: Vanishing Horst Wessel

  1. Shame on you, WordPress. Your spotty integrity is showing. You are like the boy crying wolf. I had hoped we had some honest reporting left but I must be wrong. This is sad.

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