Former Mexican President: Legalize marijuana

UPDATED: At the end. . .

From High Times magazine, an interview with former Mexican President Vicente Fox, in which calls for not only legalization of cannabis but for an extensive research program to focus on developing cannabis as a treatment for cancer.

From the High Times vlog:

The HIGH TIMES Interview: President Vicente Fox

The program notes:

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox sits down with HIGH TIMES for an exclusive interview regarding his global initiative to legalize marijuana. Alarmed by the Drug War that has been ravaging his country since he left office in 2006, President Fox has created a broad coalition that includes American pot activists to focus on a singular goal that will help curb cartel violence: legalizing pot.

Another High Times video documents a San Francisco Bay Area even last month:

Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup 2013 – Overview

The program notes:

Check out comprehensive highlights and interviews from the 2013 HIGH TIMES Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup – June 22-23, Richmond, CA.

UPDATE: A third story, this time from ABC News on the ganja-tokin’ moms of 90210:

Marijuana Mommies: Calif. Women Say Pot Makes Better Parents, Start Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

The program notes:

With purchase of drug legal at licensed dispensaries, Beverly Hills women start Cannabis Club.

For more, see the accompanying story, “Pot Luck: Inside a Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Dinner Party,” by Shana Druckerman.


One response to “Former Mexican President: Legalize marijuana

  1. Marijuana dоеѕ nоt саuѕе brain damage, genetic damage, оr damage thе immune system. Unlikе alcohol, marijuana dоеѕ nоt kill brain cells оr induce violent behaviour.

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