Quote of the day: National Security U., Berkeley

From reclaim UC, on the appointment of Minister of State Security Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano as president of the Univerisity of California:

Napolitano does signal a change, the recognition that it is no longer “business discipline” but “martial discipline” that is key to the university’s continued operation. It is an acknowledgment that the university in general, and the UC in particular, will continue to be a site of struggle. If the Occupy movement drew heavily from the student occupations of 2008-2009 in New York and the UC, perhaps Napolitano’s arrival reflects the state’s recognition of the possibility that struggles over the university can resonate and explode in unsettling and unpredictable ways.

UC President Napolitano, in other words, could be seen as presiding over the first fully “securitized” public university, in the dual senses of the word. Of course, the university has long formed part of the military-industrial complex. Napolitano’s appointment is meant to double down on the UC’s turn to federal research dollars and weapons development. The Washington Post’s article originally stated that “the university’s search committee was drawn to her experience in Obama’s Cabinet, believing that she might help the UC system advance its federally funded programs, including . . . nuclear weapons labs.” (Strangely this sentence, which we tweeted yesterday, seems to have been silently removed, although it’s still quoted in this piece in the Examiner.) Likewise, Napolitano is not the first member of the United States’ security apparatus to become president of the UC. Charles J. Hitch, who served as Assistant Secretary of Defense from 1961-1965, was appointed UC president two years later and served in that capacity for eight years.

But the specificity of Napolitano, perhaps, is seen in the convergence of these two forms of “security,” one financial and the other repressive. If our classic slogan “behind every fee hike, a line of riot cops” responds to the intimate ties between austerity and policing, the violence of financialization clarified and crystallized in the UC regents’ decision suggests that the terrain of struggle, while structured in many ways by continuities, has shifted in important ways. Maybe it’s time to update that slogan.

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One response to “Quote of the day: National Security U., Berkeley

  1. The UC’s were brought a long time ago by the DoD to ensure federal money. The university of Il. does the same thing.AND OH! if you as a scientist do not hurry it up for federal funding to engineer fighting back bacteria like the plague(they make this crap in federally funded academia, unbelievable or is it?, then you will be offed, as one 30+ year tenured dedicated scientist was, (the university received about 150 million several days afterwards from the feds)or to a similarly situated case,one can again get exposed deliberately with another bacteria while working for PHIZER! See Becky McClain vs Phizer! She managed to survive with an unknown illness(Phizer did not have to turn over the records to the judge who had a conflict of interest and it took a very long time to admit it, all to sabotage Becky’s case)). What power and graff this all is! But, you know, that this writer knows that take money via the military has it made and knows no laws. Kaiser who runs the VA and CDC, among many others knows the trail of money and laughing all the way to Cayman Islands ( one out of 9) and then to its final destination for more destructive ways, the Swiss banks!
    The University of ILL IS perhaps tightly connected with the UC’s(kpmg style & more of funneling tax payer dollars to create) for favor for DoD big budget, the biggest in the U.S.So much for our tax dollars going to good use!
    WHY is the Homeland Security in charge of Academia, why it is all to secure money from the military to the UC’s and maybe more…. with engineering bacteria’s and molds to make people sick and then corporations like Phizer get to make a drug that will combat(no pun intended) made up diseases, all of which will have few and big investors like those in academia, military and the judicial venue. BTW:Who is the head of the University of iL?
    This yet one of the reasons the internet was borne, all to hide the trail of deceit, theft and ultimately murder in oh so many other ways!!!!!

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