Glenn Greenwald: Snowden and his motives

Speaking via Skype to the Socialism 2013 conference in Chicago Thursday, attorney-turned-journalist Glenn Greenwald Greenwald paints a strikingly different portrait of Edward Snowden from that of the grandiose or paranoid narcissist portrayed by so many from the MSM.

In addition to his resounding defense of the former Central Intelligence employee-turned-leaker, Greenwald cites a document created in December by the NSA’s Secret Source Operations unit celebrating “capture of the one trillionth piece of email Internet metadata.”

NSA captures and stores a billion cell phones a day, according to another document he cites. And while they’re not all eavesdropped as they happen, the calls are stored away, waiting. . .


2 responses to “Glenn Greenwald: Snowden and his motives

  1. Bruce E. Woych

    The U.S. counter terrorism apparatus was used to monitor the Occupy Movement nationwide.

    Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement

    Special Report by Center for Media and Democracy and DBA Press
    by Beau Hodai, CMD/DBA
    linked references to article:
    The Progressive, “Spying on Occupy Activists”, Matthew Rothschild
    AlterNet, “How America’s National Security Apparatus–in Partnership With Big Corporations–Cracked Down on Dissent, Alex Kane
    In These Times, “How the Government Targeted Occupy”, Lisa Graves (also reprinted at
    The Big Picture, New Report Details Surveillance of OWS, Thom Hartmann
    Democracy Now!, “Editor of The Progressive, Matt Rothschild, Calls For Eric Holder to Resign Over Spying on Press, Occupy Protesters”, Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh
    Modern Times Magazine, “Phoenix Metro Police, Feds Working Together To Blunt Activists”, Wayne Schutsky
    The Investigative Fund, Is Homeland Security Spying on You?, Adam Federman
    Occupy Radio, Dissent and Terror: Homeland Security and Corporate America Target Occupy,

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