Elder daughter scores The Ellen Show’s loot

Elder daughter Jackie, a graduate of NYU and the UC Irvine Law School’s inaugural class, was lucky enough to score an audience seat for the Mother’s Day edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She’s pregnant, you see, which was the primary requirement that also scored her a whole bundle of loot just for showing up.

She also scored some camera time, becoming the first audience member picked for a Q&A session with DeGeneres and pal Bethenney Frankel. The whole episode is a classic example of what every dad loves to hear a daughter discuss on nationwide television. . .

There’s a certain irony in all this, in that Jackie started college as an acting major before switching to anthropology as an NYU undergrad. But it’s only been in the last four weeks she got her breakthrough into national media, first on NBC News live from Boston talking about her experiences of the Marathon Day bombings followed by her appearance with Ellen.


One response to “Elder daughter scores The Ellen Show’s loot

  1. It is obviously my fetus who is destined for stardom! Mama Rose here I come!

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