Chemo Chronicles: Last session today [maybe]

We’re scheduled for the final of our twelve chemo sessions today, with a last dose of gemcitabine hydrochloride to begin this morning at 10:30.

We’ve been nauseous the last couple of days, in part because we’re also taking two powerful antibiotics to combat a nasty subcutaneous cyst that’s sprouted up in our right forearm.

The drug’s we’re taking for that are sulfamethoxazl and cefadroxil, and when the doctor told us they could cause diarrhea, pour response was “That’s not a bug; it’s a feature.” [Seems the cisplatin has been binding up our bowels. . .]

UPDATE: Five hours on the IV and we’re done!!!!


3 responses to “Chemo Chronicles: Last session today [maybe]

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  3. Have not heard how you are since 17th? Hope things are ok and that you can post an update soon!!!

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