Chemo Chronicles: Double Whammy woes

We had the last of our Double Whammy sessions 2 April, combining our last massive dose of cisplatin with the first of our three remaining doses of gemcitabine hydrochloride. The noxious brew is designed to prevent the spread of the aggressive but rare micropapillary carcinoma that cost us our bladder [we lost the prostate too, but to a much less noxious and well-contained adenoma].

Last week’s session was the last off four Double Whammy treatments, each one worse than its predecessor.

Prior to the last session, we’d been able to contain the nausea that invariably follows a cisplatin dose, though constipation caused by the drug and the anti-nausea meds had forced an emergency room trip after the first session. We found a combination of cannabis cookies and atavan managed to keep us eating. Right up until last weekend, when we couldn’t keep anything down, including medicine [or even the saliva we swallowed]. That resulted in three days of misery, including two in which we literally kept neither food nor fluid down.

Ancdf so another trip to the emergency room Monday night, where we received anti-nausea medicine, two liters of salt water, and a hefty dose of magnesium. One friend took us to the hospital and a second friend stayed with us throughout, and we felt much better by the time we got home.

We were back for our gemcitabine-only session Tuesday afternoon, and so far so good.

The saddest part of the ordeal was the fact that we were unable to play good host for elder daughter Jackie, when came up from LA with spouse Krys to spend the weekend. Jackie’s due to birth a daughter in July, just about the same time we’re due to have recovered from the chemo.

Also appearing for a brief visit was younger daughter Sammi [corrected, see Comments]. Here’s a snap we grabbed . We apologize for the quality, but we weren’t in top photographic form:

6 April 2013, Panasonic DMZ-ZS19, ISO 400, 4.3 mm, 1/6 sec, f3.3

6 April 2013, Panasonic DMZ-ZS19, ISO 400, 4.3 mm, 1/6 sec, f3.3


2 responses to “Chemo Chronicles: Double Whammy woes

  1. Honest? You have two daughters named Jackie?

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