Headline of the day: Hey, man, that’s my bag!

Apropos of today’s Chemo Chronicles post, a headline from a story from the London Mail that makes a reality of a friendly crack made to us by our elder daughter about our own much less glamorous urostomy bag :

Victoria’s OTHER Secret: Designer creates world’s first lingerie colostomy bags as they often put partners off

H/T to Jay Sheckley.


One response to “Headline of the day: Hey, man, that’s my bag!

  1. Hope to see more comments on this. The grrls ( i do go for grrls) look terrific to me! Seriously, arent they attractive? The lace flower is understandable, but a more delicate design might be nice to see. tthough less necessary, i think they should make these for guys too, in camo and lenscap black and gunmetal blue and iron man red. Plus a steampunk one decorated with gears. or with one with soft rubber spikes and color changing LEDs! Maybe one could have a working pressure meter. Consider these notions then add your experienced comments to the London mail…for the sake of da boyz! 😀

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