A musical interlude with Django Reinhardt

Perhaps the most brilliant guitarist ever, Django Reinhardt [previously] has proven an exemplar to many of today’s masters of the six-string. And he did it with a right left hand [see comments] with only three functional fingers [the ring and pinkie fingers were rendered immobile in his youth by a fire in his gypsy caravan].

His Quintette du Hot Club de France created some of the most memorable jazz and swing recordings of of the 1930s and 1940s, continuing even under the Nazi occupation of Paris, when “gypsies” [members of the Roma and Sinti peoples] along with Jews were marked for death.

The group consisted of Reinhardt as lead guitar, Eugène Vées as second guitar, Hubert Rostaing on clarinet, Emmanuel Soudieux on bass, and Pierre Fouad on drums. But a key player on many recordings was violinist Stéphane Grappelli, a man whose skills were almost as great as Reinhardt’s.

Struggling with the ongoing nausea of chemotherapy, we find solace in Reinhardt’s music, and we suspect his tunes will get your toes a-tappin’ as well.

So on with the show. . .



Ain’t Misbehavin’

The Sheik of Araby

Georgia On My Mind with vocal by Freddy Taylor

All of Me


Improvisation on Bach with Grappelli and violinist Eddie South

Improvisation on Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique

Beyond The Sea


5 responses to “A musical interlude with Django Reinhardt

  1. I have heard of him but did not know his music. Thanks for this!

  2. Django was a musical genius par excellence. To be sure, it was his LEFT hand, the one that frets the strings on the guitar neck that was so severely injured.

  3. Feb 17th 2013

    Hope you are hanging in there Richard. Lots of rest….

  4. I guess there wasn’t much news yesterday.

    Hope you are getting great shut eye, sweet dreams and lots of relaxation!

    Rain is on its way – so they say.

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