Charts of the day: The UC fish rots from the head

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From the redoubtable Charles Schwartz, who has been carefully documenting for decades the history of University of California finances:

This shows the continuing outsized growth of the management cadre (defined as the employees classified in Senior Management Group and Management & Senior Professionals): their numbers grew by 252% over the 21 year period while total employee numbers grew by a mere 51%. (The total number of employees shown in this graph is scaled down so that one can compare the relative growth, over time, of each population.)

For another comparison, the latest total number in this management category (SMG + MSP) is 9,457 FTE (full time equivalent employees) while the number of Regular Teaching Faculty is 8,657 FTE.

A second chart from his campus-by-campus analysis [PDF] reveals that bureaucratic bloat has been soaring right here at UC Berkeley, though UC Santa Cruz runs a close second:

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One wonders what students will think when they discover that their radically soaring tuition costs aren’t going to pay their teachers but a rapidly growing omnivorous caste of supernumeraries.


One response to “Charts of the day: The UC fish rots from the head

  1. Let’s have another Bastille Day! Off with management’s heads! This is nothing short of gross redirection of wealth from the pocket of the poor student into the pocket of the already wealthy boss. Never give up.

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