Quote of the day: Barack Obama, lobotomist

From former Defense Department senior analyst Franklin (Chuck) Spinney, writing in Time:

American politics continues to repeat the practice of buying domestic power by inflicting misery and destruction on third world nations. In my view, Obama’s own contribution to statecraft in this regard has been his ability to lobotomize almost the entire Democratic base. The same people who were screaming about Bush’s illegal wars, unconstitutional surveillance, lack of due process, etc., are now silent or singing Obama’s greatness.

Even when Democrats can see how Mr. Obama has disappointed them, the insanity of Republican politicians provides the Democrats a ready rationale to excuse Obama. (By the way, does anyone notice that if Hagel is confirmed it means two of Obama’s three SecDefs will have been Republicans?)

The Republican party, with a few exceptions, is so visibly crazy that they have become an indispensable foil that permits Obama to govern as he does. The conventional wisdom of liberals is that Obama’s heart is in the right place, but he is conflict averse and therefore must govern as a centrist (really a center-rightist), because the GOP is crazy and intransigent. But in reality, Obama actually is a center-rightist who uses his image as a diffident compromiser as a cloak to hide his pro-corporatocracy given aways.  And because most people prefer center-right governance to out-and-out fascism, the GOP plays an essential role as a “bad cop” to the center-right “good cop,” which is why Democrats went along with  Obama’s plan to enshrine the Bush tax cuts for the bottom 99.3%, and a huge giveaway on the estate tax, in perpetuity. My fear is that, in the same way, Democrats will go along with Obama’s inflated defense budgets and his permanent conflict foreign policy.

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One response to “Quote of the day: Barack Obama, lobotomist

  1. Another way to look at the authors statement “And because most people prefer center-right governance to out-and-out fascism” is Bertram Gross’s analysis of Friendly vs Unfriendly Fascism. We got the former with Bill Clinton, then a swing to the latter with George W., and now a return to the previous (unless one is Bradley Manning or any other number of whistleblowers or troublemakers who get in His way.) It’s largely come down to the radiance of the smile from behind the podium that blinds those who don’t want to see or understand that it ultimately still Fascism, if only in a more alluring package than the one that came before and that will probably follow. We are all in the trash compactor of the Death Star now.

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